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Pennies for Papaw
Sherwood Church
Rummage Sale
Garage Sale
Pro-Health and Fitness Center
L.C. and Mary Lou Angle
Dominican Sister at St. James
Val and June Bormanis
Mr and Mrs Frank Braden
Mark and Linda Brindle
Todd and Linda Brindle
Steven and Lenee Brindle
E.R. and Jo Brindle
Bill and Karen Brindle
Rick and Jo Brindle
Charles and Bess Buchanan
Terry and Diane Bush
Brian and Teresa Chase
Dan and Adrian Christy
Rich Comitz
Ruth Dudley
Eileen Dykeman
Tonya Estores
Susan Fox
Linda M.G. Smith, CLA from Frese, Nash, and Hansen
Stephen P. Heuston, J.D. from Frese, Nash, and Hansen
Gary Frosh
David and Kirsten Frosh
Suzanne Frosh
Ronald and Joan Frosh
Sr. Barbara Hansen
Mary Hernandez
Jim and Jeanie Hicks
Michelle Hirshowitz
Mary Hunt
Amy and David Jorgenson
Isabelle Linger
Abigail Linger
Mark and Lyn Lovstrom
Marion Mischke
Fred and Kathy Mischke
Nasri Nesnas
Sharon Nutter
Ed and Lorraine Orce
Troy and Judy Pearson
Mac Perrin
William and Catherine Robbins
Charles Roberts
In loving memory of Ron Dykeman
George Schimmek
Bill and Sherry Searles
Kelly Smith
Linda Smith
Mary and Rolf Sohn
Joanne St. Thomas
Sr. Sue Tracy
Bruce and Susan Elizabeth Turner
Andrea Vandeberg
John and Susan Vanderlee
Francis Parsch and Vicki Roberson
Mark and Karen Webster
Dennis Williams
Scott and Suzanne Willis
Alice Wittenbach
Ria Yngard