David Jahosky
Cocoa Beach
Posted 05/19/2004 8:12:50 AM PDT

Good Morning David, I have so much to be thankful for because of your wonderful gifts to help people. I have loosely quoted Tommy Tenney who expresses my feelings. Throughout history there have been God chasers - men and women whose passion and love for God led them to great truths and insights into who God is. Many of them left behind a trail for us to follow through their teachings and writings, with the ultimate hope that we would go beyond words on a page and take up the pursit ourselves. You, Dave Linger, have given me and others that legacy of knowing and loving God that inspires present day believers to cease seeking God's hands and instead seek His face. I pray the Lord gives you the peace and comfort you need right now. You are a strength David. In my travels there are many candles lit for you and your family's well being. Smile. Take care my friend. Dave