Leslie Bustamante
Merritt Island, Fl
Posted 05/26/2004 1:42:34 PM PDT

I have been unable to open the web site at home for some reason, but decided that you would be my final priority today before leaving the office. God continues to challenge and grow us, and Satan continues to attempt to derail our progress. Praise God, the job is getting harder all the time! Can't wait till he stops trying so hard - I do think he's starting to get the message, our son is under attack now, or again!! I deeply miss you, and pray for your miracle! I laugh each time I realize that I long for therapy! Maybe they were right afterall.. Thank you for giving those of us whose lives you have touched, a means of feeling connected. I hope Jenny is doing well, and continue to pray for her strength. David is in my prayers as well, I'm sure this situation is difficult for him in ways we adults don't consider.