Chuck Roberts
Palm Bay FL 32907
Posted 05/29/2004 6:01:50 PM PDT

Dear David,Brenda has given me an update on your current treatment...My heart and prayers truly go out too you and your precious family..It has been an honor and my privlage to know you all these past years. Making me feel welcome and part of the family. I know that what your going through right now is very rough..I myself being there several times. But oddly enough through my experiences it brought me closer to God. It humbles us to know that he has the greatest power to heal..And in us we have the greatest power to want to live..And these two coming together that makes us who we are,its not likely as I know you that you will give up..As like me you will fight and fight hardest when backed into a corner..Its not that we question why this has happened but too a great extent in my experience it has given me great strength. I know you too be a great man. One I know God chose to put in my path,your a great family man,not only yours but your extended Christian one as well. I know you have a great support network in your family,and I am truly sure it goes much futher than that..but as one who has been where you are now..I am with you in this fight both in heart,soul and prayer..if there is anything I myself can do just ask..Need me to come to Little Rock say the word and I shall come..I will continue to keep you and the family in my prayers. I am sorry I have not been there for you in the past,I have been wrestling with some disappointments in my life..But now with those things out of the way I can get back to being myself..I have not been as good a friend as I should be with Brenda and Mark..and for that I am ashamed they were there for me as great friends following the divorce..And they deserve better,but I am working on repairing my mess and getting back to enjoying there company again. But David from my heart I wish you the very best..And draw upon the Holy Spirit as I do for strength and comfort. As always your friend,Chuck Roberts