Hope Hoskins
Merritt Island, Fl
Posted 06/26/2004 6:34:05 AM PDT

It's Saturday morning at 10:30. When I woke up I was thinking about you and wondering how your week went. A few days ago we talked to Bruce Cadle and he gave us a up-date on your treatment and progress. It is so hard to imagine whats going on and how miraculously God has made our bodies. It is comforting to also know how he really does carry you through these hard times in life and that he never leave you. You are made in his image. As you know it is in the valleys that we grow closer to God. We hope Jenny is doing good. I know that God has lifted her up in his large arms. That is great she finished her schooling. I'm sure your very proud of her. I also think about your children and pray for them, wondering how their doing. You should take comfort in that prayer goes out for you and your family from all over the U.S. The Web Site was a great idea. It's good to see whats going on with the activities that concern you!!! God Bless You We love you Hope & Paul