Yolanda Linger
Little Rock, AR
Posted 09/21/2004 11:48:35 AM PDT

David and Jenny Once again, it was good to have you in my home. Each time you come, I wish the circumstances were different but am so thankful that I am here for you. I am thankful for the encouraging report you received yesterday (Septemter 20, 2004). When Mother told me that Dr. Barologie said: April; no active cells seen, May; no active cells seen, June, July, August, September; no active cell seen, her eyes became misty--as did mine! Praise the Lord. He has and is taking care of you. You have had support from many sources. Isn't it wonderful? I think of the team that will be "on the line" for you this Sunday. GO, TEAM, GO!!! You are all in my prayers and I will be rooting for you. Love Yolanda